Welcome To CoinNEO

CoinNEO is based in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. CoinNEO partners with businesses and organizations to explore opportunities, discuss risks, and develop strategies for accepting the Bitcoin digital currency as payment from customers.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency system. It is comprised of the Bitcoin payment network, and bitcoins (BTC), the units of currency traded over this network. Computers across the Internet validate BTC transactions, as opposed to central payment gateways that validate credit card transactions.

Why is Bitcoin of Interest To Me?

Bitcoin offers a secure and low cost alternative to credit card gateways and other electronic payment methods. Bitcoin can also be an innovative marketing tool for discovering new sources of revenue.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from offering this payment option to their customers, for both in-person and online transactions. Solutions are available to mitigate, and even eliminate the risks of BTC volatility.

How Do I Learn More About Bitcoin?

Considering a Bitcoin strategy for your business or organization?  Contact CoinNEO today to learn about our professional services, stay current with our Blog, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and click the logo below to read the official Bitcoin FAQ.