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My name is Nikhil Chand, founder of CoinNEO (koy-nee-oh). For over 15 years I have engineered enterprise technology solutions for colleges, universities, and small to medium sized businesses throughout Northeast Ohio.

My interest in Bitcoin began in 2009, when the currency was launched. Bitcoin has scaled successfully into an efficient, secure, and trustworthy global payment network. Enthusiasts worldwide are excited, and readily use bitcoins to purchase tangible goods and services. Digital currency payment networks, led by Bitcoin, may eventually acquire global recognition as one of the most important commerce technology innovations since the invention of the Internet.

Bitcoin is now poised to accelerate Northeast Ohio’s multifaceted economic forward-press.

My vision for CoinNEO is to partner with your organization, helping to:

  • Educate about safe and secure Bitcoin practices
  • Implement Bitcoin tools for in-person, online, and B2B payment processing
  • Increase profit margins by reducing fees for electronic transactions
  • Explore new sources of revenue by exploiting Bitcoin’s popularity
  • Attract new attention to Northeast Ohio’s innovative renaissance

Connect with me to begin your Bitcoin endeavor today!

– Nikhil