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Newsweek: Bitcoin Makes the Jump to Brick-and-Mortar in Cleveland

Thank you to Joe Kloc of Newsweek for visiting Bitcoin Boulevard US in Cleveland Heights, speaking with our merchants, and presenting such an engaging story!


Fusion TV: The First Street in America Where You Can Pay for Everything in Bitcoin

Thank you Bradley Blackburn and Fusion TV for presenting us on Fusion Live!

NPR Here & Now: Cleveland Suburb Hopes ‘Bitcoin Boulevard’ Will Draw Tourists

An enormous thank you to NPR’s Here & Now, and local Cleveland NPR’s Tony Ganzer for nationwide coverage of Bitcoin Boulevard US! Listen to the broadcast here:



The Plain Dealer: Cleveland Heights merchants banking on Bitcoin Boulevard to draw global spotlight

Thank you once again to The Cleveland Plain Dealer. This article includes the statement by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, which is lit an entire new direction of debate about the role of regulatory compliance in regards to the future of digital currencies.

We are proud to be a destination for Bitcoin commerce and community right here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.